Welcome to VISAR4vision


Welcome to VISAR4vision, (by Muzar.org), the content management system and publication platform for location based services, Layar / vision based AR and QR codes. VISAR is the tool that puts you in full control of your content and stores it safely.

Mobile content must be as up to date as possible. Users want actionable information upon which they can base their choices.

Choices and actions based on a location or image can be:
  • have your visitors walk a tour from a to b to c to ...;
  • automatically play an audio or videofile;
  • provide additional information including visuals;
  • answer any question before they go on, or before extra information is revealed;
  • provide a specific (bar)code;
  • Show 2D or 3D objects;
  • etc.

Your content may not change by the second, but when it does, you want to be able to update it straightaway. And if the content does change by the second, all changes must be made available immediately.

With your personal login you have access to your projects 24/7. This way your content will be up to date at any time.

VISAR is offered as SAAS (Software as a service). So a browser is the only thing you need. We take care of hosting, back-up, recovery etc.

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